Digital To Analog Converter X-Factor DAC Mk. III

In this edition of the program "StereoPravda with Misha Kucherenko" we once again decided to compare the sound of analog and digital channels of the highest level. We honestly admit that the result obtained was completely unambiguous for all participants in the experiment.

To shoot this episode of the program, we went to the Moscow region, to visit Dmitry Ershov, co-owner of X-Factor. Here, in a purpose-built room dedicated to the most critical listening experience, we got to know the new X-Factor DAC Mk III digital-to-analogue converter. The concept of this DAC does not allow any compromises. It weighs about 120 kg, primarily due to the use of 18 transformers to power individual elements. We recommend reading more about the X-Factor DAC Mk III design at

An Aurender audio server was used as a digital source, and Dmitry's system includes a VYGER vinyl player and a Studer tape recorder to play analog records.

Also this time we decided to do a little experiment, namely, we made binaural recordings of the music we were listening to. In theory, these recordings can give you an idea of how the systems sound. To do this, you need to download them from the links below and listen to them on high-quality equipment in headphones with the most linear frequency response.
2023-08-01 04:47:00
StereoPravda with Misha Kucherenko No. 9 2023