There are just a few of us – we mean, the hardcore fans of High End Audio. We started our operation just about ten years ago. It was when we set ourselves a goal to come up with the ideal audiophile cables, as from the ones available at the time, although not too bad, we couldn’t really get the full sonic satisfaction.

During many consecutive years we were constantly engaged in setting up and tweaking of quite a few High End Audio systems, at that, striving to realize their full potential. In our quest for full, airy sound with a lot of bright sonic colors in its palette, we had to solve numerous complex acoustic problems. Gaining a lot of experience, we gradually started to grasp the right techniques to get to the sonic bliss, but the whole process was very time-consuming. Nevertheless, we cherish every minute of it, as the time and effort spent was the only way to arrive at the necessary set of skills.

As a byproduct of the whole process of those never-ending thorough auditioning sessions, we started to develop our own products – our own vinyl pick up cartridge, our own line of audiophile cables…

…and our own Digital-to-Analog Converter, which we are ready to unveil right now. This DAC has the highest specifications possible and it is also an excellent example of the new generation of such devices.

We are open to any type of cooperation and we will gladly answer all your questions.

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