If some people can’t hear the difference between the sound of a typical High End Audio system and the sound of some mere “down to earth” equipment, it doesn’t really mean that such a difference doesn’t exist. Therefore, our mission is a very simple one: we are striving to enrich the sound, to unveil its soul and to liberate its energy.

Favorite music genre notwithstanding, while listening to a proper audiophile system you’ll be able to hear its sound in a different way. It would become expressive and enchanting. It would provide you with a gift of a full presence impression, that is, as you are present at a grandiose concert, in a small café with some live music, or in a good company of friends listening to a solo performance.

Imbuing Music with a Meaning
We give you an opportunity to appreciate something that you were unable to before. This will charge you with a new level of emotions and adrenalin, and this is definitely worth it. Music is one of the greatest inventions of humanity, why not to strive to gain maximum out of it? As we, at X-Factor, are capable of doing that, then why many other would not be able do that too? Although, it could be that we do love what we do, this is why.

They know the secrets of sound that eradicate the boarder between real and unreal…

So we glad that you are with us!

X-Factor's mission